Friday, April 9, 2010


It was a beautiful today to be shoeless. We were blessed with a little bit of a chill and the cement was the perfect temperature. We were more fortunate than the millions of children around the world who have to travel about barefoot everyday.

Jenn barefoot in Art History.

Our feet, just feeting around and absorbing knowledge thru the carpeting.

We even convinced a few of our classmates to join us :)

I tend to have running spurts when I'm shoeless. We took a few opportunities to dash around the art building before class.

My feet in my Government class.

So today was beautiful, it wasn't too chilly and got warmer thru the day. It was truly a blessed day. And I claim success in the name of One Day Without Shoes. It started off as just me and Jenn. Then we convinced a few of our classmates to join us, and the ones who didn't join in were at least informed of the cause behind our bare feet. My mother and grandmother were also willing participants and my mother even convinced a few co-workers to join her. Today was full of good spirits and just so much love.


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