Saturday, February 27, 2010


In one of my many online window shopping excursions, I found this little gem of a PERFECT ring. Mix 1 part love of Octopi and 1 part love of chunky rings, and this ring is the product and my dream ring. I. Must. Have. This.
I am now on a Mission.

Comfort Child

These are the shoes I wear most often. My 3 favorite pair of boots (studded:Forever21, Lace up:NineWest, Oxford:UO) have been lifesavers over the past few months of mondo bizzaro weather. Thru rain and mud and cold, they braved the weather and kept my feet dry/warm! Other than boots, my 2 pairs of TOMS (grey lace-ups and classic corduroys) are absolutely the most comfortable things. I plan on acquiring even more pairs as the years come. My Volcom sandals have done their part on the occasional sunny day, I wore them more in 2009, during my senior year of HS. However with spring coming around soon (hopefully) I think it's time to dust them off and wear them more often. And last but not least, my manmocs. A simple little pair of moccasins I found in the guy section of Payless, of all places. They're super comfortable but I mostly wear them to class when I'm feeling lazy, ha. As you can see, I'm a child of comfort. I love nothing more than my feet to feel good (not to mention the fact that I'm constantly running/taking the bus/rushing over uneven terrain when I have little to no balancing skills.) I hope to expand my shoe-drobe to include more heels (I own about 5 pairs). But c'est la vie!


Another notable obsession, Oxford shoes. On boys, on girls, everyone and anyone. I love to pair them with my dresses and tights. They add a little tomboy touch to my love of feminine things :) I own one pair (the all black with patent heel and toe) but I want to find more hopefully, when I visit NY!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jimmie Deeghan

Check out Jimmie Deeghan if you haven't already. He's the guitar player for the popular band Every Avenue, and he just put out an EP entitled "Pretty Miserable". It's absolutely lovely.

Photoshoot #1: BizarrVampires ft. Krystal and Katy

Last night I had my first experience working with my close friend, Jennifer. She's an aspiring photographer/model, and she's been doing small shoots for friends/fellow models she knows. I tagged along for a brief Vampire themed with models/friends Krystal and Katy. While not an ideal shoot, mostly because of the time crunch and the fact that I was feeling out the situation, the girls turned out a share of lovely shots. Here are a few:

Chunky Rings

I have a confession. I am slightly obsessed with chunky rings. I'm really picky about them and I can't seem to find a great deal of them that grab ahold of me and won't let go till I own them. I own about four (including one that was a gift from a friend and the Cheshire Cat ring from the top pic) I've seen a few on that I really can't get out of my head. Time will tell if I actually buy them tho, ha. There's no Urban in my town, so when I head up to NYC for spring break, I'll definitely have my eyes on the look-out :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm not too sure how often I'll be using this,

but I've decided I needed a whole different blogging world to keep track of my fashion/design aesthetic eye. I'll be posting pretty/interesting photos, styles/fashion news I find interesting, maybe my own outfits at some point, house/apartment decor, ect. Basically anything that I find pleasing and thoughts for future reference on my behalf :)