Saturday, February 27, 2010

Comfort Child

These are the shoes I wear most often. My 3 favorite pair of boots (studded:Forever21, Lace up:NineWest, Oxford:UO) have been lifesavers over the past few months of mondo bizzaro weather. Thru rain and mud and cold, they braved the weather and kept my feet dry/warm! Other than boots, my 2 pairs of TOMS (grey lace-ups and classic corduroys) are absolutely the most comfortable things. I plan on acquiring even more pairs as the years come. My Volcom sandals have done their part on the occasional sunny day, I wore them more in 2009, during my senior year of HS. However with spring coming around soon (hopefully) I think it's time to dust them off and wear them more often. And last but not least, my manmocs. A simple little pair of moccasins I found in the guy section of Payless, of all places. They're super comfortable but I mostly wear them to class when I'm feeling lazy, ha. As you can see, I'm a child of comfort. I love nothing more than my feet to feel good (not to mention the fact that I'm constantly running/taking the bus/rushing over uneven terrain when I have little to no balancing skills.) I hope to expand my shoe-drobe to include more heels (I own about 5 pairs). But c'est la vie!

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