Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flamingos obtain their pink color from eating shrimp -

(V-neck dress - Marshalls, Cardigan - American Apparel, Bag - Muse Boutique, Boots - Nine West, Sunglasses- Burberry)

Last week, Thursday I believe, I got to venture out to the Botanical Gardens with some of my good friends. It was nice to get away from our normal activities and explore the beautiful paths of flowers that are currently hosting 100's of little pink lawn flamingos that have been decorated in tons of creative ways.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cotton Candy Princess

My youngest niece, Ashley, is having her quinceanera (15th birthday) next month, and asked if BZR would take some photos for her. Being the silly girls we are, we decided to brave the intermittent torrential downpour that was occurring downtown. We have one really nice cathedral in town, and decided it would be a good spot (in lieu of the park that was Ashley's first choice). Needless to say the rain was not on our side. More pictures later.